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Through Allow, my mission is to inspire transformation and empower families so that each family member may experience a deeper and more compassionate connection to oneself, each other, and the community.  I strive do this by providing opportunities for engagement, education and support with programming developed under three areas of focus: intuitive play, mindful movement, and insightful parenting.

Allow is a mission driven, service oriented endeavor for which I actively seek and welcome collaborations with community agencies in an effort to deliver the programs to those who might not be able to access them otherwise. Please contact me if you are interested in supporting this effort. 


About Me

Tina Boljevac
BA, RYT 200, CYT

I completed my initial 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Laughing River Yoga in Burlington, VT. Since then, I have had additional YT trainings in Yin Yoga with Ryah Dekis and Emily Garret, respectively. I also completed teacher training in Baby and Toddler Yoga, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children, and Yoga and Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens at ChildLight Yoga in Dover, NH. 

As a family educator, a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, Reiki student and a mom of two inspiringly spirited boys, I am an avid knowledge seeker in all things related to the workings of the human mind and the extraordinary interconnectedness of the stories we tell ourselves - as well as those we don't want to acknowledge - with the quality of life we are living.


Passionate about appreciating all that life brings, I truly believe that true joy can only be found in allowing moments to unfold as they will, accepting those darker parts of oneself, and the challenging times in life, with just as much - or more - grace than all those times when we have nothing to resist. It is the dark that makes way for light, and in this ebb and flow, we are given opportunities to grow into the kind of parents, partners and friends that we deeply desire to become.


I offer my service to children and families in order to inspire positive personal transformation and a deeper and more compassionate connection to others.  It is my hope that through my work, I am able to empower parents/caregivers to identify and aspire to become the best version of themselves, and to obtain and maintain the skills necessary to provide more deeply connected and effective support to their developing child.


There are several methods I use in supporting young families: one is by offering guidance via direct modeling of effective adult-child interactions within a myriad of quality parent-child engagement opportunities, including intuitive play classes and family yoga. Offering opportunities for parents to gather together in a circle of support is another way to help often isolated and stressed adults in the family feel seen and heard, allowing them to gain a sense of belonging to a supportive, inspirational and transformative community.  

Having worked in the non-profit world in the field of early childhood education for over a decade, I remain committed to providing high quality programs that are accessible to all. 

Update March 2020 - ongoing: While in light of the current pandemic many of the offerings had to be put on hold, they will remain listed here in hope that one day, there will be a new normal to return to and opportunities for in-person engagement will once again abound! If you are interested in online services, contact me and I will happily consider your request on case to case basis. 

May you be well; may you find peace; may you stay safe; may you all be healthy. 


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Intuitive Play. Mindful Movement. Insightful Parenting.

Burlington, VT & Shelburne, VT

Phone: +1 802 391 0960

Email: allowplayandyoga@gmail.com


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