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Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching is an approach to life- and wellness coaching that views the body, mind and spirit as integral and interwoven elements of human experience. There cannot be physical wellness without mental and emotional wellness; and mental and emotional wellness are dependent on the sense of connectedness, meaning and purpose one derives from life. Whether one enters a healing process from the level of the body, mind or spirit, all other elements (or planes of existence) will be positively affected. The emphasis in holistic coaching is placed on empowering individuals to become active participants in their own wellness and self-healing by learning how to feel better and be better. 


How can I help?


As a yoga teacher, yoga life coach, and Reiki, EFT/TFT and mindfulness practitioner, I can guide you through processes that have been shown to be effective in calming, energizing and rebalancing the body, settling the mind, and regulating emotions and the nervous system, and in this way indirectly alleviating conditions such as chronic stress, restlessness, anxiety and depression. Please note that any practices I offer are meant to complement, and in no way replace, any professional treatments you may currently be undergoing. I am not a physical therapist, nor a medical or mental health professional, and I urge you to continue with, or seek out, professional care or counseling if you are experiencing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain or suffering. 



We are simultaneously the creators of, and the actors in, our own life stories. Each present moment is simultaneously a reflection of the past and a gateway into the future. Moving through the levels of consciousness in an effort to realize the vastness of possibilities, witness the creative process we are actively engaged in, and experience its impact without losing ourselves in the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions is a lifelong practice that requires no small sacrifice. It requires keeping an open mind when we can’t see any other way, an open heart when we’d rather build up walls to protect it, and a clear pathway between the two so that we can begin to alleviate conflict between what seems right and what feels good. It is a practice of coming to a place where the energy flow is unobstructed by self-imposed limitations; a return to coherence and harmony when the unease starts to feel more familiar than peace. May we learn how to flow between levels of consciousness with minimal resistance; how to create and witness our experiences; how to discern among them by checking in with our values; and how to feel the emotions of each successive experience with intention and grace. 

Sign up for donation-based Yoga Mindset Life Coaching and begin to take notice of your own power to transform your life.

Sign up for donation-based Holistic Wellness Series for early childhood educators and begin the journey of deepening your awareness, regulating your nervous system and your emotions, settling your mind, and rejuvenating your body. 

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