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Insightful Parenting

Since the focus of many play time opportunities, including Play, Laugh, Learn! is engagement with the child, the opportunities to get into deep discussions around issues that crop up in parenting are minimal. Parenting Circle of Support is designed to meet the parents’ and caregivers’ need to delve deeper.

This deeper dive is offered through a blend of guided visualizations, group discussions and lectures within the context of weekly gatherings. This circle of support provides parents and caregivers an opportunity to celebrate successes and also address challenges that arise in the beautifully complex task of caring for the little ones.


The participants are guided through the process of identifying how they currently see themselves as parents/caregivers, and are given support as they embark on the journey of unfolding to their fullest potential. An opportunity to be heard as well as to listen and learn from research and the experiences of others will expand the participants’ awareness, provide access to insights that will arise from within, increase existing knowledge base and strengthen participants' confidence, all of which will ultimately lead to a strengthened connection with the youngsters and a significantly less stressed (and much more joyful!) family experience.

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